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pre-workout smoothie

I’m so proud of this smoothie creation! I invented it on the fly when I woke up late and risked missing a yoga class on the weekend. It powered me through an intense 1h15 minute class, so I officially deem this smoothie a great pre-workout snack/light meal. 3 cups almond milk or non-dairy milk 2 tbsp almond butter 1/2 cup of blueberry and raspberry mix banana 1 scoop of vegan protein powder 1 tbsp maple syrup Dash of cinamon I think some spinach and nutmeg could also go well in this smoothie as well. Enjoy y’all!


One of my absolute favourite “healthy” deserts is so easy to make that I don’t even have proper directions to share – it just sort of always works out. Quinoa Puff Bars are made with quinoa puffs (obvi), organic almond butter, real maple syrup and 70% + organic dark chocolate. Quinoa has a ton of benefits: it’s alkaline-forming, high in protein, low in calories and gluten-free. The organic almond butter adds more protein to the mix, the maple syrup binds it all together in a sweet way and the dark chocolate contributes antioxidants. There is zero processed sugar in this…