Hiya! Here’s some quick info on the importance of choosing a good quality essential oil, and why I choose to buy from doTERRA.


First off, the purity of your oils is paramount, because you need purity in order to have therapeutic effects. Impure in the bottle = impure in your body.



Where the plant is grown, how it is harvested, how it is distilled and how it is preserved are imperative for therapeutic essential oils.

  • 98% of essential oils on the market are either food or perfume-grade oils, meaning they are used in food flavourings or perfumes and cosmetics
    • These oils are heavily adulterated and contain a variety of additives or solvents in order to achieve a standard smell and shelf life
    • Food-grade oils do have several usability standards that must be met before they can generally be recognized as safe for consumptions
    • These oils have passed a GRAS standard (generally recognized as safe) and have expirations dates, but that doesn’t mean they are safe to consume internally
  • Pure therapeutic grade essential oils come from plants harvested in their natural habitat
  • They are tested to ensure that the oils are verified as pure, free of fillers, pesticides and foreign contaminants
  • If an EOs isn’t distilled properly, it can dramatically alter or destroy a plant’s aromatic compounds. If distillation is completed with customized care, the resulting oil retains a strong chemical profile to provide therapeutic benefits to its users



  • doTERRA sources their plants from indigenous regions and are harvested at peak times for potency, often by hand, so as not to affect the chemical compounds of the plants. Their +100 oils come from over 40 countries
  • They are pesticide-free and certified organic
  • They are tested with gas chromatography and mass spectometry (say that 10 times fast) to ensure that correct compounds are present and to validate the absence of impurities
  • doTERRA also works with local farmers, they have fair-trade practices, and are super invested in the communities (for instance they dig wells and build schools and are even involved in rescuing girls from sex trade, so, like, really invested! See their Healing Hands foundation work here)
  • As many essential oils grow best in developing countries, doTERRA has created a program called Co-Impact Sourcing, which provides the tools needed to help lift the farmers and their families and communities out of poverty and promote economic development.
  • Every bottle is traceable on Sourcetoyou.com