‘Cause it was written in the stars…

In astrology, (oh shit, I’m starting with the woo-woo already!)  they are saying that we’ve entered a period of global awakening; that between now and 2024 we will see a massive shift in consciousness as people wake up from the current paradigms plaguing our society today (ahem, Trump). A big part of this movement and prediction is that people will begin to take back control of their lives and of their health.

Us ladies are very intuitive beings, especially moms. The process of creating and nurturing life from your body allows you to become deeply in tune with it, and we know viscerally when something is amiss.  Yet often we don’t trust this instinct. We go to one doctor, who may brush us off and give us a prescription, but we know in our core that something is not right yet we take his diagnosis as dogma.

Through diet, exercise, meditation, sleep and using essential oils, we can harness that intuitive power again and take back control our health, and the health of our families. It really is up to us to be in charge, nobody is going to do it for us.



The short: They are the elixir of amazing plants that make them awesome and if we use them we make ourselves awesome as well.

The long: Essential oils are the essence of healing plants that come from all over the world. They are – geek alert! –  “volatile aromatic compounds” found in the seeds, bark, stems leaves, roots and flowers of plants. Essential oils are considered the life blood of the plant and designed to help the plant thrive in nature, by protecting it from insects, shielding the plant from a harsh environment, helping it adapt to its surroundings and helping it thrive (by attracting insects which aid in pollination for instance). By taking essential oils, you are harnessing the protective, healing and attraction powers of a plant basically.



The short: If you get your EOs from a good company, they will be harvested by the right people at the right time, be carefully manipulated to preserve the unique chemical profile of the plant, and steam distilled or cold pressed. Then bottled for efficacy.

The long: Read this post about why it’s important to choose good quality oils and what you want to look for in an oil company.


Because essential oils are molecules, when we inhale them 70% of their vapours can potentially be absorbed into the body via the nose to brain connection and from the lungs. They trigger the brain to kick start the neurochemistry of other body systems, like the limbic brain (hypothalamus & thalmus) or endocrine system (pineal & pituitary glands, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas…). The limbic system is linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance. Oils can also be absorbed through the skin and some can be ingested as well.

In this way, EOs have a subtle yet holistic effect on the body. If you don’t believe the power of inhaling something, aka aromatheraphy, go smoke some weed then tell me how it has not affected your brain, mood, perception, appetite, sleep and skills!


More and more research is being done about EOs and their efficacy and usage. See here for a study about how essential oils helped manage the side effects of cancer treatment and this one here about the anti-aging effects they can have on the brain to help treat Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety, depression and epilepsy.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.12.43 PM


EOs can be used to treat and prevent a variety of health issues, but also to help direct neural pathways to attain your mental and emotional objectives. Let me explain…

Treat & prevent health issues

There are literally thousands of health issues that can be prevented and treated by EOs. Here are the top ones that grabbed my attention:

  • Wrinkles and acne. Yes, I’m vain, but you already knew that.
  • Endocrine system (hormonal) support
  • Reproductive support
  • Digestion issues and optimization
  • Anxiety & stress management
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Immune system support, i.e. warding off colds and flus / managing respiratory issues from said colds and flus
  • Reducing a home’s toxic load. Meaning you can use EOs as natural and super powerful alternatives to cleaning products with nasty chemicals in them.

I was also very interested in natural ways to prevent bugs from bothering my family, including anti-lice EOs and natural ant & mosquito repellants.

Attain health goals

EOs can help with:

  • Weight management
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Better mental focus and clarity
  • Energy
  • Better sleep quality
  • Positive mentality

Help direct neural pathways for maximum swag & sassiness

As mentioned above, certain EOs you can trigger feel-good hormonal responses that help you overcome an issue that may be blocking you from success / living your best life, such as self-doubt, anxiety, anger, sadness, fear and grief to name a few. They can help stabilize hormones, which is of the utmost importance for a happy body an life, just like good quality and consistent sleep can do, certain foods can do or pharmaceutical drugs can do. They can also help you focus on the task at hand and boost feelings of confidence and badassery. See chart below for the nose to brain connection.

Aromatherapy also works by connecting to your memories, and since many EOs smell amazing they can trigger good memories and elicit positive emotional responses in the body.


So, convinced to incorporate EOs into your wellness routine? In the next few posts I’ll review how to use them for efficacy and safety, and my go-to EOs. Peace!