Everyone has a toxic load.
Yup, you too babe. We don’t live on farms and it’s not 1910 anymore. Fact: The world we live in today has more toxins than ever before.

If you’re having issues and modern medicine is having a hard time finding a root cause, it’s very possible that said root cause lies in your toxic load. Hair falling out? Trouble sleeping? Can’t lose weight? Tired all of the time? Can’t think clearly? Constipation? And you’re doing the things that should technically work, but still feeling crappy? Then it’s time, my friend, to take a serious look at the toxins in your home and in the products you use on a daily basis. 💡


  • Extreme toxins: i.e. chemical warfare
  • Insidious toxins: i.e. what’s in our tap water
  • Things in between that we usually let slide: Glue, paint, mold, gas, fire-retardants (usually found in couches and rugs)…shitty ingredients in medications, foods and self-care products.

We want to put on our Super Woman cape and check our environment for toxins because they can gradually affect our hormones.

Toxins can mimic endocrines: Estrogen is a natural hormone that we have but for some reason, many artificial compounds found in toxins look like estrogen in the body, so our confused system is registering that it’s having enough estrogen already and sometimes making less as a result. OR it could make more because this artificial estrogen is invading the body and it’s getting all mixed up.

Toxins cause cellular damage.
Ugh. Shitty. But what does this mean exactly? Toxins can cause inflammation in the body because they are damaging the cells. Picture a cute little liver cell, doing its job, super busy little worker bee, but when there are too many toxins in the cell the membrane can become damaged. The mitochondria of the cell is attacked and thus it becomes energetically damaged. It can then damage the DNA that it passes on to the next generation of cells that are created. Poor little damaged cells!

So – mitochondria in the cells creates energy in the body. Therefore we need to protect those beauties!!
⭐HOW? ⭐

  • Reduce your toxic load
    • Check how your bed & bedding, sofa and rugs are made for a start. You’re looking for flame-retardants & formaldehyde
    • Choose your paint wisely. Check your home for lead paint.
    • Get your house checked for mold and air quality
    • Change your cleaning products. MORE TO COME ON HOW TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE WITH OILS.
    • Don’t use carpet cleaners, they often contain 2-butoxyethanol, which can affect reproduction
    • Even green products like Method, has rando ingredients labeled as fragrance or parfume. See next point.
  • Clean up your personal care
    • Be wary of the ingredients called “Fragrance”. This is an unregulated, blanket term that companies use to hide shitty ingredients. “Fragrance” usually contains phthalates that often disrupt how your hormones operate and how your fat cells grow.
    • Use essential oils as your perfume instead. I do and I smell awesome! (I think.)
    • Switch to natural skincare and haircare, where possible.
    • Clean up that makeup bag! Upgrade to natural makeup where possible. A lot of makeup contains heavy metals like lead which will mess with your thyroid.
      • I love Etiket in Montreal for natural skincare and makeup. Check out Cap beauty and Content beauty for good recommendations.
    • Check the products your tweens and teens are using! They are usually full of sketchy ingredients
  • Increase essential oils intake and usage, as they pass through the cellular walls and can help repair the damage those little babies
  • Filter your water
  • Eat organic, when possible
  • Find the right supplements and foods to balance your system
  • Eat liver loving foods: More greens, especially leafy. Cilantro, rosemary, parsley. Nuts and seeds. Avocados. Animal organs (ew! But animal liver is good for the human liver). Cold pressed oils. Grass fed butter.
  • Exercise
  • Get in nature
  • Dry brush your body to shed the dead skin cells
  • Eventually, reduce stimulants like coffee and alcohol (booo!)
  • Eventually, reduce sugar, especially processed i.e. white sugar
  • Get rid of Glade plug-ins and try not to burn candles. Diffuse essential oils instead.
  • Bath with Epsom salts.
  • Reduce plastic, look out for PVC
  • Switch to a green dry cleaner or find a wet cleaner

I haven’t figured out clean oral care or deodorant yet, but when I do you’ll be the first to know :)

This seems like a scary, exhaustive list and you may feel overwhelmed and paralysed. Stop it. Breathe. Put on your big girl pants or Super Woman cape, and just try to tackle a couple of things on the list first. You will eventually transition to more over time, trust me. As your body detoxifies, it will be drawn to more clean solutions.

Now go on get going!